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We are passionate about English and lifelong learning, in a dynamic and innovative way that is committed to revolutionise language learning and educational opportunities globally. We want to make a difference.

Our comprehensive range of programmes underlines our recognition of the diverse needs of our students. We continually strive to provide the highest levels of acquisition, best value and enjoyment.

We are also extremely privileged to have a team of people who are creative, hard-working, talented and passionate. People who want to make a difference.

At Maria de los Angeles, we are aware that there are thousands of schools around the world teaching English, and we are determined to work with as much creativity as possible, on condition that students are of a suitable quality.

We guarantee that all our students have been personally checked by qualified teachers part of our  staff, and have not simply been taught as a group of students. This means that we can guarantee the highest levels of English, good recognition abroad and above all enjoyment.

6 important Criteria which must be taken in consideration:

  1. Teaching-Qualified experienced teachers, Dynamic & interactive teaching method

  2. Activities-Variety & frequency of cultural and social activities Teacher involvement

  3. Multimedia & IT services-Computers & internet facilities. Learning aids

  4. Supplier relationship-Rapport with school staff particularly contact point. Efficiency of correpondence in respect of possible complaints

  5. Courses-Variety & frequency of courses. Range of language levels

  6. Expansion–Social Studies and Science as part of the curricula

Common questions:

Do the teachers speak English during the lessons?
Generally - YES. all the learners are Spanish-speaking and many teachers try to reinforce the language speaking English. However, at the lower levels some teachers may offer some explanations in Spanish.

Can I change my level once I have started my course?
Generally - YES. Just inform the Director of Studies at the school and they will move you to a more suitable level, although there are very few mistakes with the placement (level) tests.

Do I get a certificate after the course?
In case students apply to the International Examination KET, PET and FCE.

Do you offer Summer School for children?
YES. Most of our children have it.  They reinforce English during Summer and parents can have them busy doing part of the programmes they are going to have in their levels.



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